IABSE Bulletins

IABSE has expanded its publication series under the Name 'IABSE Bulletins'. The SED Editorial Board has been renamed to 'IABSE Bulletin Editorial Board' and takes care of all different types of publications (except for the journal SEI): 

  • case studies that can be specificly on design, rehabilitation, forensic among others
  • monographs including  'Structural Engineering Documents' (SED) (state-of-the-art documents) and Guidelines
  • Technical Reports that can include research publications.

Objective: to provide in-depth information to practicing structural engineers, in reports of high scientific and technical standards on a wide range of structural engineering topics.

Topics: Structural analysis and design, dynamic analysis, construction materials and methods, project management, structural monitoring, safety assessment, forensic investigations, maintenance and repair, and computer applications.


Publication and Distribution: As of 2021, IABSE established partnership with Structurae for the print and production of IABSE Bulletins and Conference Proceedings, along with distribution of its publications in various channels, through the vast network of Structurae.