IABSE Reports (ISSN)


IABSE Reports

The series 'IABSE REPORTS' exist since 1968, year of the first IABSE Symposium,
in New York. The series contains contributions accepted for presentation at IABSE
conferences worldwide. In 1998, a CD-ROM accompanies the volume of full papers
or extended abstracts. The following presents the reports published in 1991 and later.



The Evolving Metropolis
IABSE Congress New York City 2019, Vol. 114

Towards a Resilient Built Environment
IABSE Symposium Guimaraes 2019, Vol. 113

Tomorrow's Megastructures
IABSE Symposium Nantes 2018, Vol. 112

Engineering the Past, to Meet the Needs of the Future
IABSE Conference Copenhagen 2018, Vol. 111

Engineering the Developing World 
IABSE Conference Kuala Lumpur 2018, Vol. 110

Engineering the Future
IABSE Symposium Vancouver 2017, Vol. 109

Creativity and Collaboration
IABSE Conference Bath 2017, Vol. 108

Ignorance uncertainty and human errors in structural engineering
IABSE Workshop Helsinki 2017, Vol. 107

Challenges in Design and Construction of an Innovative and Sustainable Built Environment
IABSE Congress Stockholm 2016.

Bridges and Structures Sustainability - Seeking Intelligent Solutions
IABSE Conference Guangzhou 2016, Vol. 106

Structural Engineering: Providing Solutions to Global Challenges
IABSE Conference Geneva 2015, Vol. 105

Elegance in Structures
IABSE Conference Nara 2015, Vol. 104

Safety, Robustness and Condition Assessment of Structures
IABSE Workshop Helsinki 2015, Vol. 103

Engineering for Progress, Nature and People
IABSE Symposium Madrid 2014, Vol. 102

Long Span Bridges and Roofs - Development, Design and Implementation
IABSE Symposium Kolkata 2013, Vol. 101

Assessment, Upgrading and Refurbishment of Infrastructures
IABSE Conference Rotterdam 2013, Vol. 99

Safety, Failures and Robustness of Large Structures
IABSE Workshop Helsinki 2013, Vol. 100 (out of print)

Global Thinking in Structural Engineering: Recent Achievements
IABSE Conference Sharm-El Sheikh, Egypt, May 2012, Vol.98

Large Structures and Infrastructures for Environmentally Constrained and Urbanised Areas
IABSE Symposium Venice, September 2010, Vol. 97

Sustainable Infrastructure-Environment Friendly, Safe and Ressource Efficient
IABSE Symposium Bangkok, September 2009, Vol. 96

Recent Major Bridges
IABSE Workshop Shanghai, May 2009, Vol.95 

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Bridges, Buildings and Construction Practice
IABSE Conference, Helsinki, June 2008, Vol. 94

Improving Infrastructure Worldwide - Bringing People Closer
IABSE Symposium, Weimar, September 2007, Vol. 93

Responding to Tomorrow's Challenges in Structural Engineering
IABSE Symposium, Budapest, September 2006, Vol. 92

Operation, Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Large Infrastructure Projects, Bridges and Tunnels
IABSE Conference, Copenhagen, May 2006, Vol. 91

Structures and Extreme Events
IABSE Symposium, Lisbon, September 2005, Vol 90

Role of Structural Engineers towards Reduction of Poverty
IABSE Conference, New Delhi, February 2005, Vol 89

Metropolitan Habitats and Infrastructure
IABSE Symposium, Shanghai, September 2004, Vol 88

Structures for High-Speed Railway Transportation
IABSE Symposium, Antwerp, August 2003, Vol 87

Towards a Better Built Environment - Innovation, Sustainability, Information Technology
IABSE Symposium Report, Melbourne, September 2002, Vol. 86

Innovative Wooden Structures and Bridges
IABSE Conference Report, Lahti, Finland, August 2001, Vol. 85

Cable-Supported Bridges - Challenging Technical Limits
IABSE Conference, Seoul Korea, June 2001, Vol. 84

Structures for the Future - The Search for Quality
IABSE Symposium, Rio de Janeiro, August 1999, Vol. 83

Cable-Stayed Bridges - Past, Present and Future
IABSE Conference, Malmoe, June 1999, Vol. 82

Concrete Model Code for Asia - Design, Materials and Construction, and Maintenance
IABSE Colloquium, Phuket, March 1999, Vol. 81

IABSE Colloquium, New Delhi, February 1999, Vol. 80

Long-Span and High-Rise Structures
IABSE Symposium, Kobe, September 1998, Vol. 79

IABSE Colloquium, Stockholm, June 1998, Vol. 78 

Saving Buildings in Central and Eastern Europe
IABSE Colloquium, Berlin, June 1998, Vol. 77

Evaluation of Existing Steel and Composite Bridges
IABSE Workshop, Lausanne, March 1997, Vol. 76

IABSE Colloquium, Istanbul, September 1996, Vol. 75 

IABSE Colloquium, Delft, March 1996, Vol. 74

Extending the Lifespan of Structures
IABSE Symposium, San Francisco, August 1995, Vol. 73/1+2 -

Knowledge Support Systems in Civil Engineering
IABSE Colloquium, Bergamo, March 1995, Vol. 72

Places of Assembly and Long-Span Building Structures
IABSE Symposium, Birmingham, September 1994, Vol. 71

Structural Preservation of the Architectural Heritage
IABSE Symposium, Rome, September 1993, Vol. 70

Structural Serviceability of Buildings
International Colloquium, Göteborg, June 1993, Vol. 69

Knowledge-Based Systems in Civil Engineering
IABSE Colloquium, Beijing, May 1993, Vol. 68

Remaining Structural Capacity
IABSE Colloquium, Copenhagen, March 1993, Vol. 67

Length Effect on Fatigue of Wires and Strands
IABSE Workshop, Madrid, September 1992, Vol. 66

Structural Eurocodes
IABSE Conference, Davos, September 1992, Vol. 65

Bridges: Interaction between Construction Technology and Design
IABSE Symposium, St. Petersburg/Leningrad, September 1991, Vol. 64

Interaction between Major Engineering Structures and the Marine Environment
IABSE Colloquium, Nyborg, May 1991, Vol. 63

Structural Concrete
IABSE Colloquium, Stuttgart, March 1991, Vol. 62