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Task Group 1.6 Events

Past Event:


IABSE Commission 1 & JCSS (Joint Committee on Structural Safety)

“Workshop on Risk Acceptance Criteria in Civil Engineering Decision Making”

19-20 June 2023, Trondheim, Norway

Motivation and Scope of the Workshop


Introduction to Acceptance CriteriaJ.Köhler (NTNU)
Practical implementation
Risk-based decision-making in tunnel safetyB.Kohl (ILF)
Safety Targets for Probabilistic Safety Analysis for Swiss Nuclear Power PlantsD.Proske (BFH)
Risk acceptance criteria for bridges and other large infrastructure objectsA.Lentz (COWI)
Practical implementation cont. 
Risk analysis and risk acceptance for floating bridges, with emphasis on ship impact hazardsT.Moan (NTNU)
Practical implementation of criteria in the oil and gas industry – Unmanning criteria for extreme storm eventsG.Lian (Equinor)
Regulatory Context 
Target reliabilities in codes of practiceT.Vrouwenvelder (TNO)
The perspective of a land based building authorityO.L.Ivanov (Boverket)
Safety regulation in the oil and gas industryB.Heide (Ptil)
Scientific Approach to Risk Based Decision Making and Acceptance 
Formal criteria derived from Bayesian decision analysisM.H.Faber (AAU)
The regulation of the future without risk acceptance criteria?G.Ersdal (Ptil)
Tools and metrics for risk based decision making 
Engineering methods and practical examplesM.Schubert (MATRISK)
FN-criterion linesN.P. Høj (HOJ Consulting)
Group WorkIs there, based on the presentations in the workshop, a common ground for risk-informed

decision-making for structures and how can that be described?

Documentation of Group Work 

Past Event: Special Session Guimaraes 2019

Special Session: Application of risk, reliability and treatment of uncertainties in structural engineering

Conference: IABSE Conference Guimaraes 2019 'Towards a Resilient Built Environment – Risk and Asset Management’
Organizer: J. Köhler


Application of risk, reliability and treatment of uncertainties in structural engineering.
Vol 113
Publisher IABSE
ISBN 978-385748163-5

Fatigue accumulation comparison of simulated traffic flow and design loads
Authors: Torsten Lunabba, Milla Ranta, Kimmo Julku, Heikki Lilja

Risk acceptance criteria for Extreme fjord crossings
Authors: Inger Lise Johansen, Tore Askeland 

Suitable degree of crudeness in engineering practice (I. Björnsson, D. Honfi and O. Larsson)
Authors: Ivar Björnsson; Oskar Larsson Ivanov, Dániel Honfi, Henrik Gabrielsson, Martin Fröderberg, Thomas Lechner

Risk and reliability-based design - practical examples and challenges for standardisation
Authors: Jochen Köhler

Robustness: a practitioner's perspective
Authors: Peter Tanner


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