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Structural Engineering International (SEI, May 2023): Special issue on Recent Structures and Research in India

Full paper submission deadline: 31 May, 2022.


SEI Author Guidelines (Click Here): Please refer to the guidelines and download the SEI template to submit your paper in ScholarOne. You can choose the category 'Technical Report' (project papers) or 'Scientific Paper' (research papers).

Submit Full paper in ScholarOne (Click Here). To submit you need to first register in this portal, then upload your full paper, add all authors and corresponding author's name and then click on 'Special issue: India' and then submit. Once you submit you shall receive an automatic confirmation email from ScholarOne.                                


We invite authors to submit a full paper based on a landmark structure in India; or a cutting-edge, original research from India, for a special issue. The structure presented in the paper can be a building, tunnel, bridge, or an innovative structure. Service date of the structure should not be older than three years for ‘Recent Structures’ papers. All papers will go through review, revision, and only accepted papers will get published in SEI. This special issue is planned for May, 2023 publication. If there are more papers, which we cannot publish in one issue, then we shall publish them in a future SEI issue. 


Note: If you are planning to submit a paper to the IABSE Congress New Delhi 2023, then the same paper cannot be submitted to SEI. The paper submitted to SEI, should enhance the idea, with more research results (experimental, theoretical, or numerical results), new text, enhanced reference list and new figures. If you are submitting a paper from a non-IABSE conference, then during your submission of the SEI paper, also please upload the conference paper (accepted or submitted) along with a cover letter explaining current status of the conference paper. The author also has the responsibility to obtain required permissions from the first publisher. The Editorial Board, shall refer to the conference paper during initial review of the SEI paper, before sending it out for review.