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International Award of Merit

The International Award of Merit in Structural Engineering is presented to people for outstanding contributions in the field of structural engineering, with special reference to usefulness for society. Fields of endeavour may include: planning, design, construction, materials, equipment, education, research, government, management. The first Award was presented in 1976.

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Tom Vrouwenvelder, The Netherlands


Yozo Fujino, Japan

2021: Jürg Conzett, Switzerland
2020: Ahsan Kareem, USA
2019: Niels Jorgen Gimsing, Denmark
2018: Tristram Carfrae, UK
2017: Juan José Arenas, Spain
2015: Jose Calavera, Spain
2014: William F. Baker, USA
2013: Theodossios Tassios, Greece
2012: Hai-Fan Xiang, China
2011: Leslie E. Robertson, USA
2010: Man-Chung Tang, USA
2009: Christian Menn, Switzerland
2008: Tom Paulay, New Zealand
2007: Manabu Ito, Japan
2006: Javier Manterola, Spain
2005: Jean-Marie Cremer, Belgium
2004: Chander Alimchandani, India
2003: Michel Virlogeux, France
2002: Ian Liddell, UK
2001: John W. Fisher, USA
2000: John E. Breen, USA
1998: Peter Head, UK
1997: Bruno Thürlimann, Switzerland
1996: Alan G. Davenport, Canada
1994: T.N. Subbarao, India
1995: Mamoru Kawaguchi, Japan
1993: Jean Muller, France
1992: Leo Finzi, Italy
1991: Jörg Schlaich, Germany
1990: Lars Östlund, Sweden
1989: Hans Wittfoht, Germany
1987: Guohao Li, China
1986: Masatane Kokubu, Japan
1985: Julio Ferry Borges, Portugal
1984: Henrik Nylander, Sweden
1983: Guido Oberti, Italy
1982: Georg Winter, USA
1982: Fazlur R. Khan, USA
1981: Fritz Leonhardt, Germany
1980: Nicolas Esquillan, France
1979: Oleg A. Kerensky, UK
1978: Anton Tedesko, USA
1977: Ulrich Finsterwalder, Germany
1976: Kiyoshi Muto, Japan

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