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Task Group 1.6

Benefits for Practical Application of Risk and Reliability Considerations in Structural Engineering

Mission Statement/Objectives
In light of the tremendous challenges our society is facing, i.e. with regard to effects of climate change to the environment, the expected growth of population, the need for global social justice and the increasing pressure on our natural resources, the international research community is in demand to find solutions that provide the foundation for our sustainable development. The role of structural engineering is thereby of central importance. Engineering structures present the functionality of the built environment and the safety of its users, and, consequently, a large proportion of the societal economic resources are invested into the continued development, maintenance and renewal of structures.

For the society, it is of crucial importance that decisions related to the development, maintenance and renewal of structures are optimal in the sense that the benefit of structures as well as the possible adverse consequences, such as loss of lives, damage to the qualities of the environment and the direct and committed costs, are considered.

In the last decades, the scientific basis for the optimal allocation of resources into the structural performance has been rapidly developed. However, the broad implementation of newly developed principles requires their proper transition into practical examples, guidelines, rules and regulations that constitute the basis for the daily work of practicing engineers.

The main objective of this task group is to develop practical examples and guidelines for optimal design and maintenance of structures. Remaining research challenges will be identified and addressed.

Scope & Limitation
Advanced methods in risk and reliability assessment of structures. Focus on dissemination of methods and examples for practical application. Research challenges will be identified and addressed.

Expected Project Output

  • Organization of the workshop on RISK ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA IN CIVIL ENGINEERING DECISION MAKING taking place on June, 19–20, 2023 at NTNU, in Trondheim, Norway, see “Downloads, Events””
  • Developing Show Cases for the application of risk and reliability methods in structural engineering
  • Joint single articles or/and dedicated Journal issues

Start Date: January 2018
Target Date of Completion: June 2024

Jochen Köhler, Norway

Interview in SEI Nov 2023-issue

Vice Chair
Oskar Larsson Ivanov, Sweden

João André, Portugal
Heiki Lilja, Finland
André Orcesi, France

Niels Peter Høj, Switzerland


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