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Winners of People and Paper Awards

Honorary Membership 

Ian Firth, UK                                                  Mikael W. Braestrup, Denmark

International Award of Merit

Yozo Fujino, Japan

Early Career Prize

Sotiria Stefanidou, Greece

Member of the Year

     Joe Tortorella, USA

National Group of the Year

                            New Zealand

Outstanding Paper Award

Category ‘Technical Report’:
"Hålogaland Bridge—A Landmark in Arctic Norway"
by Assad Jamal and Erik Sundet.

Category ‘Scientific Paper’:
"Round-robin modelling of the load-bearing capacity of slender columns by using classical and advanced non-linear numerical and analytical prediction tools"
by Alfred Strauss, Ana Mandić Ivanković, Vladimir Benko, José Matos, Pierre Marchand, Roman Wan-Wendner, Neryvaldo Galvão, André Orcesi , Jakub Dobrý, Mohammad El Hajj Diab , Krešimir Ninčević, Michael Hauser, Mladen Srbić, and Dominik Skokandić.

Best PhD Thesis Award

              Genshen Fang, China

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